Lakehead University FSAE Team



Get to know the passionate and dedicated individuals driving innovation at Lakehead University Formula SAE Team (LUFASE).

Meet the Team

Our team consists of talented students from various engineering disciplines, each bringing unique skills and expertise to the table. Together, we work tirelessly to design, build, and race high-performance Formula-style race cars.

Members of Lakehead University’s Formula SAE team are assembling a race car from the ground up ahead of a competition in May – a tradition that becomes an all-consuming passion for some engineering students.

The Lakehead University Thunder Wolf Racing Team is hitting the road

The Lakehead University Thunder Wolf Racing Team is made up of 4th-year engineering students. They built the car from the ground up with over 8 months of work into the project.

Thunderwolf Racing team unveils TWR 15 racecar

The launch of our Thunder Wolf Racing team’s new car was featured on TBT Newshour and ICI Nord de l’Ontario including interviews with Assistant Team Captain Matthew Manten and Mechanical Engineering Chair Dr. Basel Ismail. 

Our Team

Expert. Experienced.

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Danny Ings


Rodrigo Lima

Senior mechanic

Tim Hendrick

Shop Manager

Mario Jota