Lakehead University FSAE Team


2011-2012 Team

Team Members:

Sultan Siddiqui
Kailash Bhatia
Serge Goulet
Joey Power
James Ward
Cody Randle
Jeffrey Best
Daniel O’Connor
Marc Geneau
Ryan Brown
Adam Beagle
Marlin Jinadas
Shemroy Manning
Kyle Lacosse
Ryan Bisnett
Darren Bonhomme
Colin Clarke
Matt Maronese
Tsz Kwok
Ryan Miller
Mohammed Patel
Omendra Adhikary
Shivi Bachoo

Car Photo

Competition Info:

Formula SAE Michigan

Car #31

Ranking: 45

Team Photo

Team Story

Joey and Serge teamed up to lead this team. Joey helped carry over lessons learned from the previous year, and Serge brought a lot of experience to the table.

Prior to the competition, the team had a ECU failure – blown power transistor on the spark or injector output. Allen Pan helped repair it.

Lessons Learned

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