Lakehead University FSAE Team


2009-2010 Team

Competition Info:

Formula SAE Michigan

Car #98

Team Members:

Sultan Siddiqui
Kailash Bhatia
Trevor Farrow
Tristan Entem
Ryan Clark
Allen Pan
John Williams
Shane Lintunen
Keith Williams
Derek Kerr
Troy Tundo
Ryan Feeny
Victor Kiss
Chris Page
Michael Kelly
Luc Myers
Shawn Plante
Tom Duchene
Richard Newnes
Josh Robinson
Adam Harasimowicz
Darrel Cole
John Palmer
Aaron Wilkes
Cory Ruiter
Jason Schumacher
Joel Bonneville
Mandeep Sangha
Monica Rosete
Ryan Gosson
Sahil Negi
Matthew Pero
Taylor Everding
Jeff Luo

Car Photo

blue car with no driver

Shop Photo

a bunch of engineering students standing around a race car

Team Story

Trevor and Tristan took control this year. Both were good leaders. T-REV was the bad-cop and Tristan was the good cop. T-REV set the tone at a fundraiser. We successfully lowered the car’s CG by about 2 inches with a custom billet aluminum milled oil pan. The custom carbon fiber intake cracked when tested, so we used the previous year intake, but on a newer rebuilt engine. We did not have a closed-loop oxygen sensor setup, as our PE1 ECU did not have this feature. As the fuel map was not optimal, the car ran rich a few times so we had to keep cleaning or replacing the spark plugs. We kept changing fuel compensation factors to keep the car running. We employed on onboard PC with Wi-Fi capability so that we could make these adjustments instantaneously. We passed noise test only after we grinded an exhaust off our old car, and welded it onto the new car. We competed in all events, but the engine tuning was not optimal. We had fuel pump issues, and we will forever be haunted by the word “cavitation.”

Lessons Learned

  • Carbon fiber intakes can be challenging.
  • Suspension modelling software is worthwhile.
  • Bringing the old car to the competition was a good idea.

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