Lakehead University FSAE Team


a bunch of kids in a lecture hall

2007-2008 Team (Founders)

Competition Info:


Team Members:

Sultan Siddiqui
Kailash Bhatia
Victor Tilane
Brandon Porter
Suranjith Talakaratne
Paramvir Lakhi
Pierce Jones
Shawn Plante
Clayton Fox
Tara’s Andrusiv

Car Photo

a bunch of kids in a lecture hall

Shop Photo

Team Story

Very little is known about “the founders.”
The picture shows 30 students, but only 10 names are known at this time.
Paramvir built a racecar frame out of foam pipe insulation.
The team was able to secure a small shop and a beautiful TIG welder.
This team designed the frame geometry, suspension geometry and wheel base for the first race car, which would be built the following year.

Lessons Learned

  • Find a faculty member who is supportive of the project.
  • Secure a shop on campus.
  • Use the university’s phone-a-thon facilities to call people and raise money.